Jeff Bezos and his brandchild — Amazon

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Today, perhaps, there is no internet user who doesn’t know the website Amazon. But not everyone knows who is the mastermind and creator of the world’s largest online retailer. This is Jeffrey Preston Bezos. He is one of the richest men on the planet and according to Forbes, he is the man of 1999, who holds a leading position as an employer. Jeff was born in an ordinary family with average income. However, a natural curiosity, innovation, inexhaustible thirst for experimentation and perfectionism has allowed Bezos to receive an excellent education at Princeton University. He was always “bored and close” to working for someone else and go for the classic career paths, unlike he wanted to deal with his own business, where unrestrained energy could spill.

Despite a successful career in the financial sector, Bezos decided to take a chance and engage in a nascent worldwide electronic commerce. He left the job in 1994 and moved to Seattle, where he began to use fully unsolved at that time, the potential of online trading platforms by opening an online book shop. For his company, Jeff opened an office in the garage, along with several employees he began to work on a code for the website. Later they moved to a small house in which there were three computers with the necessary programs, and there created the first version of the site. After 300 friends had tested the performance of the website, Bezos opened it for all on July 16, 1995. The website got name of Amazon in honor of the South American river.

The company’s success was dizzying. Without start-up advertising website started to sell books in the U.S. and in 45 other countries. Two months later, sales stood at $20,000 in a week. The company’s growth was faster than initially thought Bezos. Over time, the store had other products such as audio and video discs in 1998, and later a variety of clothes, electronics, toys, and more appeared. All this became possible thanks to major partnerships with retail vendors. In 2007, Amazon introduced Kindle, a portable electronic book, which allows users to purchase, download, read and store user selections of books. At the same time, Jeffrey decided to do something absolutely far from Amazon. He announced about investment in “Blue Origin” — the company from Seattle that deals with the technology for space tourism.

The story of Jeff Bezos and his Amazon store shows that perseverance, efficiency, dedication and the willingness to risk are opening up infinite opportunities for self-realization of a person or company.