Julian Sharpe and Scott Hill and their survival capsule in case of disaster

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We often hear about disasters in one or the other side of our planet. Hurricanes, tsunamis, tornadoes and that’s not the whole list of tests greatly complicating the lives of people in different countries. Inventors from Seattle created a spherical capsule, which can be saved during natural disasters, including tsunami. For about ten inhabitants may live there during five days. The construction is made of aircraft aluminum, and the capsule itself is well protected from water penetration. The development is designed to protect its inhabitants from the ravages of the elements, drops, bumps of any items. According to the founders of the company Survival Capsule, if the quick evacuation is failed, the sphere will protect device owners from such catastrophes as earthquake, hurricane, tornado, and tsunami. Capsule will never sink. It will always remain on the water surface. Scott Hill and Julian Sharpe thought about creating such a device after the incident thirteen years ago, the Indian Ocean tsunami that claimed thousands of lives. Engineers have developed five models of different sizes. One can get inside by opening a sealed port. The cabin has seats as well as the supply of water and food. On customer request the equipment can be supplemented with safety belts, dry powder toilet, solar panels, advanced complex lighting and even music equipment. An optimum temperature will remain constantly inside the structure.

Countries, which are located in earthquake prone areas, strongly adapt to life “on the crater of a volcano”. People build earthquake-resistant houses, huts, elevated on poles, make different shelters to meet the elements head-on and thus to avoid or at least reduce casualties. Another example, the Country of the Rising Sun, being one of the most advanced Nations of the world, began to prepare for similar natural disasters through the invention of new protective rescue mechanisms. Japanese engineering company Cosmo Power has released a device-capsule “Noah”, with which people can save lives during a tsunami. “Noah” is a small yellow sphere with protective walls, which can travel on the water safely for inside passengers. The walls of the capsule have a small window and a hole for air circulation. Despite its small size, it can accommodate up to four adults.