Modern Technologies for Shades

Photo by Victoire Joncheray on Unsplash

A shade in the courtyard of a private house is a familiar sign of well–equipped and comfortable housing. Simple designs improve everyday life in different places of the site: at the entrance to the house, in the yard, in the recreation area. You can also find them on the playground and by the pool.

How to decide on the design of the shade

The design of the shade is determined by the scope of its application. The shape of the structure depends on what kind of functional load it carries. In any case, the structure is used to protect the designated area from rain, snow, sunlight, falling leaves.

design of the shade
Image by P_Gregory_B from Pixabay

For the arrangement of a shade in a private house, it is important to take into account two factors: location and functionality. Depending on the size and purpose, choose the material for the frame and roof, as well as the installation method. It is highly desirable to design the shade in the same style with existing buildings and landscape design.

The frame, as a bearing part of the structure, is made of durable materials with high performance characteristics; wooden and metal frames have become the most widespread.

The choice of material for the roof is more diverse than for supports. Special fabrics should be singled out separately. You can also use for more information.

Fabric shades are the most budget–friendly
Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

Fabric shades are the most budget–friendly and easy to install option. The fabric is used in the construction of collapsible canopies, as well as for stationary frames made of metal. They provide water resistance, UV protection and resistance to fading. Tarpaulin, polyester, acrylic and other specialized fabrics have these properties.

Buying a shade is not an easy matter: it is necessary to determine the material, type of construction and dimensions. Shade ‘N Net specialists can also help you in solving this issue.