Top 5 up-to-date innovations from Boeing Corporation

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  1. The upcoming production of 3D printed modular satellites

Boeing is famous for not only their aircraft, but their high-tech satellites, which may have the prices till a hundred and fifty million dollars. Nevertheless, it can be changed soon. The company is intending to follow the new practice of using modular 3D-printed parts and to raise the level of automation.

  1. The Corporation displayed a new space suit for astronauts

Recently a new model of the spacesuit for the astronauts was presented. This suit will be in use of astronauts on the spacecraft Cockpit (CST-100). Fresh one has some different features than previous. Convenience and compactness were the primary clues for engineers.  The suit is lighter and has a layer, which prevents from overheating.

  1. Boeing is operating on creation of an experimental space plane — Phantom Express

Seattle manufacturer together with DARPA, starts to construct a supersonic space plane, called Phantom Express. It is going to be the primary reusable apparatus for military purposes, which can deliver a payload, having a weight of up to 1360 kg. Additionally, the Phantom Express has an opportunity to perform regular flights once in every 10 days.

  1. The appearance of Robot submarine the Boeing Echo Voyager onto the sea

And if robotic automobiles and aircraft don’t shock then the deep-sea submarine seems to be very curious. It is included in the category of enormous deep-water submersibles. The hull length of Submarine Boeing Echo Voyager is fifteen meters. While several tests, the submarine will produce a series of shallow dives off the coast of southern California. The experimentation includes the testing of communication working, autonomous operation, energy subsystem, and the engine of the underwater transport.

  1. The start of preparation of Boeing rocket, which will function as “space taxi”

The well-known Corporation initiated an assembly of the rocket Atlas V, invented to carry astronauts and transfer cargo to the ISS on board of the new apparatus CST-100 Cockpit. A new program “Commercial Crew” was launched by the US Space Agency, with the cooperation of SpaceX and Boeing, as both teams make an effort on their own equipment, appropriate for reaching and docking with the ISS.