What tutoring pays the most?

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One of the side hustles you can do is tutoring jobs. Your job as a tutor is to supplement classroom work and give the student an alternate learning strategy. The amount you earn as a tutor often depends on the subject you specialize in. Also, your academic qualifications will boost your earnings as a tutor.

Nevertheless, some tutoring jobs pay the most, notwithstanding your educational background. Read and learn about the tutoring jobs that pay the most.

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Science tutor

Your job as a science tutor is to help your students understand advanced concepts of science courses like biology, chemistry, or physics. Considering the technicality of science courses, tutors in this category tend to earn more. Science courses are complex, and you must be vast in any subject you specialize in. A science tutor earns between USD 41,000 to USD 91,000.

Kindergarten tutor

Your job here as a tutor is to help kindergarten pupils learn how to read, write, and solve simple maths. Also, kindergarten students learn how to recite rhymes and colors. To be a good kindergarten tutor, you must love children and be patient. A kindergarten tutor earns approximately USD 40,000 to USD 75,000.

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Elementary maths tutor

One of the subjects that seems challenging to students is maths. You can teach maths in small groups or individually. You can take your classes at home or school, depending on your arrangement. Usually maths tutors often work with young people. In addition, immigrants may also join your classes if you can reach out to them. Meanwhile, an elementary maths tutor earns between USD 49,000 to USD 73,000.


Tutoring is fun, but it is better if you earn a good living from it. Furthermore, upgrade your educational skills to attract more patronage. Finally, Swiss tutoring also yields a reasonable income because you can teach immigrants.